Non- Traditional Program

A Non-Traditional Approach to Educating Children


Non- Traditional Care

In today’s market, many employees work shifts that start or end after most childcare programs open or close. These non-traditional schedules and unusual hours are serious issues for many working parents. Our Non-Traditional program provides location to parents working non-traditional schedules. The services provided are weekday morning care as early as 6:00am in our 657 Lebaum Street location and weekday evening care until 11:30pm in our 2907 7th Street. (Our 2907 7th Street location does not open until 7:00am, and we cannot provide services to infants or young toddlers before that time.)

Non-Traditional enrollment is not the same as Traditional care. It requires additional information, a special subsidy voucher, and/or permission from the center. Please inform staff that you are seeking Non-Traditional services when inquiring about enrollment.